Meet Darby

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From an early age I was fascinated with observing the tendencies of fellow golfers and the different strategies used to improve their game. I quickly realized my passion for golf was not to improve my own game, but to assist others in improving. Sharing relevant information with a player is a very small part of my teaching. The student must understand the concept and know how to apply it to their game. When you leave the Teaching Center at Annandale, you will understand what you are trying to change, why you are trying to change, and how to change.

“The purpose of taking a lesson is to improve upon your current state.” As an instructor, I understand the importance of that phrase. Early in the lesson, it will become very apparent that my purpose for teaching is to help you IMPROVE! Regardless if the issue is physical/technical, mental, or course management, the approach to improve will be delivered with clarity and purpose.

So often, players attempt to chop their trees with 5 minutes of continuous chopping (hitting as many balls as possible in 1 hour), only to accomplish frustration, confusion, and fatigue. I challenge each person reading this, to look at golf differently. Each day should have a purpose and plan. I invite you to join me in creating your individual plan to improvement.

Do you chop for 5 minutes or do you sharpen for 3?


I look forward to seeing you soon!

Chad Darby
Director of Instruction
Annandale Golf Club