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What makes a skilled junior golfer? This is the question that lead to the creation of 365. I racked my brain trying to find the common ingredient in the skilled golfers that I work with. Sadly, it occurred to
me while playing fetch with my dog. The answer was simple and right in front of me. Frequency.

Frequency is defined as, the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time. The players that are elevating their game consist of different body compositions, physical
limitations, unique swing issues, and varied practice routines. The one thing they all have in common is the frequency in how often they touch a golf club. And, this is how the name 365 was created.



It is my belief that frequency + structured practice is the recipe that will allow 365 juniors to achieve their personal goals. Taking a deeper look into other sports, we see that each practice sessions are arranged by the coach and performed under his supervision. Under this form of practice, the amount of time practiced vs the amount of BENEFICIAL time practiced is equal. When juniors stand on the practice tee with no agenda and hit balls, this is when time practiced vs BENEFICIAL time practiced become skewed. Juniors associate time spent at the course with posting lower scores. This thought process is what leads to junior golfers becoming frustrated and eventually not achieving their goals. We have all heard it, “I practiced for 4 hours today.” NO you didn’t… You talked for 1 hour, hit balls without an agenda for 2 hours, rested for 30 minutes, and practiced with a purpose (beneficial practice) for 30 minutes. So, this junior believes that he practiced for 4 hours and should see results from it. When, they only actually practiced for 30 minutes. PERCEPTION vs REALITY!

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