Drills & Skills

Click on any of the videos below for tips to sharpen your golf game.


Precision putting drill

  • 6 footer

  • Edge putts should not touch tees

  • Center putt should not go in 

  • Increase the break to increase the difficulty



Chipping Drill

This drill will test your ability to visualize a trajectory, select the correct loft, and perform the correct motion

  • 3 different shots

  • 3 different clubs

  • 3 different floors

  • Make one shot from each floor





Shadow Drill

Improve your speed on the green by removing the hole.  Allow yourself to focus on feel and distance, not make or miss.

  • Successfully stop 6 out of 8 balls in shadow box

  • Vary distance from shadow box

  • Putt from different sides of the box



Great Wall Chipping Drill

This is a great drill to encourage creativity and speed control.

  • Select a severely sloped chip

  • Find the "perfect" line

  • Place a wall of tees that block entry to the hole on that line

  • Play more break and allow the ball to enter higher on the hole